6 Session Study

  • 01

    Hearing God - Manual

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    • Hearing God - Participant Manual
  • 02

    Hearing God - Chapter 1

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    • Does God Still Speak Today?
  • 03

    Hearing God - Chapter 2

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    • Why We Need To Hear God's Voice
  • 04

    Hearing God - Chapter 3

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    • The Bible is a Primary Way to Hear God
  • 05

    Hearing God - Chapter 4

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    • Ways in Which God Speaks
  • 06

    Hearing God - Chapter 5

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    • Listening for God's Guidance
  • 07

    Hearing God - Chapter 6

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    • Balance for Listening for God's Guidance

Your Course Leader

Phil is the Senior Pastor at Willow Park Church in Kelowna, a multi-site church, with six congregations. Phil worked for many years as the National Evangelist for Youth For Christ in the UK, conducting city-wide missions and speaking extensively. Phil is an engaging speaker, who loves to tell stories and bring theological truths alive, with a mixture of humour and passion. Phil would say that prayer and his deep relationship with Christ is his driving force. He loves to go on prayer retreats, hikes, run marathons and find adventure. Phil and Michelle have lived in Kelowna for nine years and have four children.
Phil  Collins