Over 11 daily sessions we will work together to help you find direction through the fog and overcome worry and anxiety.

What to expect on this course

  • Daily video talks from Pastor Phil Collins, available to watch all in one go or at your own pace

  • Daily devotional from Michelle Collins to help you go deeper

  • Access to your course leaders and peer-to-peer support as you work to overcome anxiety in your life

11 Session Study

Over the course of 11 sessions we'll help you navigate through difficult times and provide strategies to help you overcome worry and anxiety in your life.

  • 01

    Session 1: Say No to Worry

    Show Content
    • Say No to Worry - The Journey Begins
    • Devotional 1 from Michelle - The Most Highlighted Verse In The Bible
    • Workbook
  • 02

    Session 2: Vagueness & Uncertainty

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    • Introduction to Vagueness - Uncertainty
    • Devotional 2 from Michelle - Journaling: The How To and Why
  • 03

    Session 3: Hypothetical Worry

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    • Hypothetical Worry
    • Devotional 3 from Michelle - I'm an old man and have known a great many troubles
  • 04

    Session 4: You Can Cope

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    • You Can Cope
    • Devotional 4 from Michelle - The LORD surrounds his People
  • 05

    Session 5: Physical Response

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    • Physical Response
    • Devotional 5 from Michelle - Steps to your Imagination
  • 06

    Session 6: Uncertainty Again

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    • Uncertainty Again
    • Devotional 6 from Michelle - I know a Wonderful Counsellor
  • 07

    Session 7: Unhelpful Way of Dealing with Uncertainty

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    • Unhelpful Way of Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Devotional 7 from Michelle - Meditation for a Healthy Mind
  • 08

    Session 8: Lies Behind Worry

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    • Lies Behind Worry
    • Devotional 8 from Michelle - A Letter to my Anxious Self
  • 09

    Session 9: Community

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    • Community
    • Devotional 9 from Michelle - What! You too? I thought I was the only One!
  • 10

    Session 10: Goals

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    • Goals
    • Devotional 10 from Michelle - Kindness Looks Good On You
  • 11

    Session 11: Bonus

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    • Bonus
    • Devotional 11 from Michelle - Writing this makes me realize just how far I have come

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Your Course Leaders

Phil is the Senior Pastor at Willow Park Church in Kelowna, a multi-site church, with six congregations. Phil worked for many years as the National Evangelist for Youth For Christ in the UK, conducting city-wide missions and speaking extensively. Phil is an engaging speaker, who loves to tell stories and bring theological truths alive, with a mixture of humour and passion. Phil would say that prayer and his deep relationship with Christ is his driving force. He loves to go on prayer retreats, hikes, run marathons and find adventure. Phil and Michelle have lived in Kelowna for nine years and have four children.
Phil  Collins

Your Course Leaders

Alongside being Pastor's wife and Mom to four children. Michelle is program director for Pursuit School, a missions school based at Willow Park Church. Michelle also loves being outside and traveling. This year Michelle passed her Creative Writing degree and loves to encourage people with her words.
Michelle Collins